Our brooms are perfect for any place where dust and dirt need to be collected. Here you can find different brooms that we make, from smallest brooms for narrow surfaces, to large brooms that are intended for wide open indoor or outdoor surfaces. Our products are perfect for both indoor and out door cleaning. It is also possible to use them close to pool area as sorghum brooms will not react to pool cleaning chemicals. At same time our brooms can be used to clean both wet and dry surfaces.

Finishing quality of our brooms enables them that during cleaning they collect smallest dirt particles.

Brooms that we manufacture we always ensure that we use high quality sorghum and high quality wooden handle made from hard wood.

Apart from different broom body types we also offer different broom handle types. In case that classic broom handle doesn’t fit your need we can always customize it based on your spec about length and color. For usual orders broom handle length is from 85 cm to 110 cm (33’’ to 44’’). We also offer possibility to paint broom handles in any color you might need, which makes “Danke” brooms ideal for working place where there is need for cleaning tools that are specified for different working areas and prevent contamination between them.

For more detail information about broom customizing you can check this page.

Even thou it is possible to get a hint about for who is this broom meant, broom name first of all describes its dimensions cause of shorter broom handle length and lower weight broom is fit more for children or person with lower height.
Small broom that can be easily storage in car or clothing locker. It is designed as tool for cleaning small and hard to reach surfaces.
Broom without a handle that is perfect for cleaning small surfaces or objects.
Broom with small dimensions perfect for cleaning hard to reach areas or small objects. Also used as small gift broom do to its size.
Broom without a handle with classic broom body size. Intended for cleaning hard to reach area.
Classic broom with three seams, standard dimension broom that is intended for cleaning all kinds of surfaces was it common household or industrial building.
As name is suggesting this broom is intended for cleaning large open areas that are usually found with in industrial complex.
Classic broom with four seams ideal for cleaning indoor as well outdoor surfaces. Ideal for household use.
Classic broom with decorative broom shape and knitting on top of broom body, also it is decorated with plastic cup that is used as additional protection against wear during broom use.
Ideal broom fro household. Sorghum broom average size with metal reinforcement and textile decoration on top of broom body.
Classic broom with five seams ideal for cleaning indoor as well outdoor surfaces. Ideal for household use.
Classic broom with metal decoration on top of broom body. Ideal as cleaning tool for all types of surfaces.
Classic broom with broom body decoration that resembles a bit like pear.